Kentucky River Community Care

Crisis and Information Line: 800-262-7491

Alcohol/Drug Hotline: 800-729-6686

115 Rockwood Ln
Hazard, Kentucky 41701

Alcoholics Anonymous 800-467-8091
Community Mental Health Centers 800-928-8000


DUI Program
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
Assessments include a clinical interview, Kentucky Assessment Battery, 20- hour pre-treatment, outpatient therapy (group and individual) and referral to residential treatment, if a higher level of care is needed or another program is requested.
Drug Court Program
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
Services include assessment, referral, individual and group therapy, consultation, education, residential treatment, after-care and case management for individuals determined eligible for Drug Court Services.
Early Intervention Program
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
This program targets youth under the age of 21, who have become involved with the courts due to violence and/or alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, or driving while impaired. The mission of the program is to educate adolescents to make low risk choices, improve family relations and reduce the recidivism rate of first and second time juvenile offenders.
Ky-Moms MATR
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
Helps pregnant women find the assistance they need to have a happier, healthier pregnancy and baby.
Turning Point
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
When pregnant women take prescription medications or other drugs, their babies can be born dependent on those drugs. KRCC is committed to promoting prenatal and postnatal care for mothers on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).
New Directions
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
Designed to assist men with co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse and mental illness, New Directions is an intensive treatment program for men offering an alternative to residential treatment and a more intensive level of care than traditional outpatient programs.
Hickory Hill
P.O.Box 1470
Hindman, KY 41822
One of 11 Recovery Kentucky centers, Hickory Hill Recovery Center, located in Knott County, is a peer-driven, residential recovery facility for men over age 18 seeking recovery from alcohol & other drugs.
Hazard, KY
Our Winterberry Recovery House, located in Hazard, offers structured, safe, and sober housing for men ideal for long-term recovery.
115 Rockwood Lane
Hazard, KY
Hollyberry Recovery House, located in Hazard, offers a unique recovery opportunity to any woman with the desire to stay sober.


Regional Prevention Center

Ginger Shouse, Director
3834 Hwy 15 South

Jackson, KY 41339
[email protected]

The KRCC Regional Prevention Center provides consultation, training, education and technical assistance to community members, service providers, church and civic groups, in the planning and implementation phases of substance abuse prevention strategies.

Support Groups

NAMI Hazard
102 Medical Center Drive
Hazard KY 41701
 Alcoholics Anonymous
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On-line “Big Book” 
Narcotics Anonymous On-Line Meeting Directory

Kentucky Narcotics Anonymous 


Mental Health Association of Kentucky 888-705-0463