Hear from some of your fellow Kentuckians who have personally gone through the harrowing experiences of opioid abuse or were affected by suicide.

Stories of opioid abuse


Kelly’s story
“Parents need to do a better job…. of understanding the underlying issues.”

Julius’s story
“There is a life apart from drugs.”

Carlos’s story
“I had to hit rock bottom”

Danielle’s story
“There’s a certain peace in my life (now) I’ve never known before.”


Jenny’s story
“I was about 12 or 13 when my addiction first started”

 Jacob’s story
“I didn’t care about anybody…. It can consume your life”

Julius’s story
“There is a life apart from drugs.”


Stories of those affected by suicide

Amy’s story
“I’ve learned tough love doesn’t work”


Susan’s story
“If you know a person well, you can feel when something’s not right”



Andrew’s story
“I want to make sure soldiers understand that they’re not alone.”